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(1) We only includes domain name transaction information of successful transactions, and does not include transaction information that has a reserved price and has not exceeded the reserved price;
(2) The "hidden price" service needs to deduct a certain amount of BMB (Benmi Coin), and each operation can be hidden for up to three weeks;
(3) Users who are not logged in can only view the approximate price. Please sgin in to view the price first;
(4) The domain name transaction information included is for reference only. It does not rule out the possibility of recording wrong results when the recording results are program exceptions.
The transaction price of Benmi.com domain name is only for domain name investors to view and reference, and does not necessarily represent the latest market price. It may be necessary to judge whether the price is artificially hyped. The price should not be used as the final reference price for acquisition. The results included are the situation at the end of the transaction platform page where the domain name is located, which does not mean that the entire transaction has been completed. It does not rule out the possibility that the domain name is being transferred, or that it is ultimately in default or failure.