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Update Time07/16/2024 15:31:58Newest Whois
Domain Name9244.com
Sponsoring RegistrarAlibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. d/b/a HiChina (www.net.cn)
Creation Date03/14/2005 19:23:00
Updated Date04/16/2024 09: 48:18
Expiration Date03/14/2025 18:23:00
Domain Statusok
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Tips:According to requirements of the Board, expired domain name may be in the stage of registrars automatic renewal of, Expiration Date reference the domain name you see in this query, domain name registration information is cached information, one day cache is not updated in real time, notCould be registered as the domain name real-time basis. If you need real-time updates, please do the following:
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  • (a) Whois Profile
  • Whois is used to query the domain name has been registered, and registered the domain name for more information (such as the domain name owner, domain registrar, domain name registration date and expiration date, etc.).

    The domain name Whois Lookup, you can query the contact of the domain name attribution, registration and expiration data.

  • (b) The support queries of the TLD (suffix):Click to View
  • Common International: .com .cn .net .org Chinese IDN:中文.com 中文.cn .网络 .網絡 .中国 . 公司 .中文网 .在线 .移动 .香港 .台灣 .商城 .集团 .我爱你 .网址 .商店 .商标Other IDN Domain Names:
    A: .ac .ae .aero .af .ag .al .am .app .ai(New) .arpa .as .asia .at .au .az
    B: .ba .be .best .bg .bi .bid .biz .bj .black .blue .br .bt .by .bz
    C: .ca .cat .cc .cd .ch .ci .ck .cl .club .cm .co .co .coop .cx .cy .cz
    D: .de .dk .dm .dz
    E: .edu .ee .eg .es .eu
    F: .fi .fo .fm .fr
    G: .games .gb .gd .ge .gg .gi .gl .gm .gold .gov .gr .group .gs .gw .gy
    H: .help .hk .hm .hn .hr .ht .hu
    I: .ie .il .in .ink .info .int .io .iq .ir .is .it
    J: .je .jobs .jp
    K: .ke .kg .ki .kim .kr .kz
    L: .la .lawyer .li .link .live .lol .lt .ltd .lu .lv .ly
    M: .ma .market .mc .md .me .mg .mil .mn .mobi .ms .mt .mu .museum .mx .my
    N: .na .name .news .nf .nl .no .nu .nz
    O: .online
    P: .party .pink .pl .pm .pub .pr .pro .pt .pw
    R: .re .red .ren .ro .ru
    S: .sa .sb .sc .se .sex .sg .sh .shop .si .site .sk .sm .so .st .store .su
    T: .tc .tel .tech .tf .th .tj .tk .tl .tm .tn .to .tp .tr .travel .tv .tw
    U: .ua .ug .uk .us .uy .uz
    V: .va .vc .ve .vg .vip .video
    WXYZ:.wang .website .wf .win .ws xin .xyz .yt .yu .za

  • (c) On the state of the domain name explained:Click to View
  • .CN domain name status description:
    To the beginning of the state of the client state can be increased by the client (registered)
    To the status of the server at the beginning of the operation to increase the status of the server-side (CNNIC),
    Neither the client at the beginning nor the server at the beginning of the state of server-side management
    The state of the domain name is explained:
    "ok" normal state
    "inactive": Inactive status (registered, fill in the Domain Name Server, and can not be resolved
    "clientDeleteProhibited": The registrar settings prohibit deletion
    "serverDeleteProhibited": Service provider cannot delete
    "clientUpdateProhibited": The registrar setting prohibits modification
    "serverUpdateProhibited": Service provider cannot modify
    "redemptionPeriod": High price redemption period
    "pendingDelete": Deleting
    "pendingTransfer": Transferring
    "clientTransferProhibited": The registrar is set to prohibit transfer
    "serverTransferProhibited": Transfer prohibited by service provider
    "clientRenewProhibited": The registrar is set to prohibit renewal
    "serverRenewProhibited": No renewal allowed by the service provider
    "clientHold Registrar": settings stop parsing
    "serverHold": Service provider settings stop parsing
    "pendingVerification": Registration information is being confirmed
    "addPeriod": A five day grace period/review period, usually appearing in the newly registered .org domain name

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