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1 浙江贰贰网络有限公司 金聪* ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2025 02/21/2024 19:17 Go
2 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 汪雅* ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2024 11/01/2023 14:05 Go
3 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 颜建* ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2024 08/03/2023 17:36 Go
4 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 小鱼金融信息服务(厦门.. ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2023 04/24/2022 16:45 Go
5 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 小鱼金融信息服务(厦门.. ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2022 07/11/2021 02:24 Go
6 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 小鱼金融信息服务(厦门.. ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2021 07/04/2020 12:44 Go
7 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 小鱼金融信息服务(厦门.. ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2020 01/29/2020 08:52 Go
8 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 小鱼金融信息服务(厦门.. ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2018 01/29/2018 11:33 Go
9 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 上海域迷金融信息服务有.. ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2018 03/30/2017 18:23 Go
10 厦门易名科技股份有限公司 上海域迷金融信息服务有.. ... 06/20/2005 06/20/2017 09/23/2016 16:35 Go

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  • Whois History History Description
  • Whois History History refers to the change log of the domain name registration information, including domain name owner, domain registrar, domain name registration date, expiration date, update the change of time, registered mail and other information. Easy to domain name investor inquiries reference and decision-making.'s Domain Name History record the Change of Whois information, accurately determine contrast, does not change is not recorded, effectively avoid duplication of invalid data.The monitoring change range: domain name owner registered units, domain registrar, domain status, date of the domain name registration, expiration date, update time, registered mail, Tel ect.

  • Explanation and statement of "record time"
  • The "record time" refers to the time when the data item of the domain name is changed. The "record time" is generally later than the "data item change time" or the date when the change occurs, but it is generally later than the "data item change time". If there is an "Updated Date" in the whois information item of the domain name, you can refer to it appropriately. As for the explanation of the "Updated Date" in the whois information, we cannot give ICANN an official explanation. Please check and verify the explanation above. Generally, to judge whether the domain name has changed, we should comprehensively consider the "registrar", the actual "registrar", "email", "registration date" and other relevant data items.

    Affirmation:The domain name historical data of the Benmi platform is only used for query and reference. It cannot 100% guarantee that there is no possibility of error in the program when the data is included. It is not applicable to the domain name arbitration as relevant proof or evidence and other judicial purposes.